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About Us | La Fourmi Bionique
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Here at Fourmi Bionique, each one of our granola blends tells a story. It begins with Geneviève Gagnon, who started her venture in 2002. A Montreal native, Geneviève’s passion for exceptional local products led her to go meet with producers, artisans and farmers. Her goal was to understand their craft and gain a true appreciation of the fruit of their labour, commitment and passion. She spent countless hours in the kitchen, baking and perfecting her recipes, chopping the chocolate by hand, removing flower petals one by one and carefully packing her blends in paper bags.

As the years passed, Geneviève learned the secrets to perfect granola. Her recipes achieved an exquisite harmony. Shoppers discovered her products, gave them a try, and didn’t look back. With growing demand, she rolled up her sleeves and worked to grow her dream. Meanwhile, her family was growing too! But marriage and kids didn’t slow her down: they drove her to raise the bar, day after day. Her hard work was quickly rewarded with several top entrepreneurship prizes. Then, in 2017, Fourmi Bionique made the PROFIT 500 list of Canada’s fastest-growing companies. Shortly thereafter, she received another prestigious prize for her latest creation: the Nutbrown range.

Today, Geneviève is an accomplished CEO and a mother of three. She is proud to run her company her way, without compromising her values, or Fourmi Bionique’s mission: to create unique, healthy, and gourmet granola blends while promoting local producers of natural, organic and fair-trade ingredients.

Follow Geneviève Gagnon on her blog In Granola Veritas as well as on her Instagram account to go behind the scenes!


Creating exceptional granola blends requires patience. By renewing this tradition with passion, Fourmi Bionique has made it an art. We want people who care about their well-being and the world around them to be able to count on our healthy products and all the benefits associated with them.

- Geneviève Gagnon
Our story

Our mission

We create original, healthy and gourmet cereals while promoting the local producers of natural, organic and fair trade ingredients.

Our vision

Become the largest national producer of gourmet breakfast cereals while maintaining the company’s essence and artisanal values.

Our values

The art of the craft

Our passion and creativity allow us to continuously improve and renew our artisanal know-how.


We are convinced that working with local, organic, GMO-free and fair trade ingredients results in making superior quality products.

Respect of peers

We care about creating an environment which promotes integrity, attentive listening, dialogue and teamwork, both with our employees and with our community.

Products from Mother Nature

From farm to factory and now to you, Fourmi Bionique granola offers a collection of purposeful blends made from well-raised crops — ingredients that haven’t been genetically modified or irradiated, that are free of pesticides, transfats, and other harmful additives or colourants. Our granola blends are assembled using a majority of local (85%) and organic (from 77% to 84% depending on the flavour) ingredients and premium quality fair trade chocolates.

Local products

The perfect balance between the earth, its vegetation and the human body is a notion to which we attribute a great deal of importance. We understand that making remarkably high quality fresh products means choosing the best ingredients available. That is why we maintain privileged and sustainable relationships with local farmers and artisans whose conscientious work and ethical production practices ensure that we, in turn, may offer well-thought-out delicious blends.

Creating Granola

It takes time and patience to make a superior granola. Each piece is baked to its personal, to lock in the goodness and give it the strength to stay crunchy on the outside with a seductively soft center.

Sifters, bakers, and blenders need adapt to each batch, knowing each of the 15 or more ingredients and how each reacts to changes in humidity, season and crop.

The result is a level of quality that you can taste, smell, and feel — an art that can only be achieved through dedication and manual labour and by applying the same home-baked inspiration that started La Fourmi Bionique.

The result is a level of quality that you can taste, smell, and feel — an art that can only be achieved through dedication and manual labour and by applying the same home-baked inspiration that started La Fourmi Bionique.

Fourmi Bionique is always in the adventure, ready to innovate and meet new challenges...